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Centralking is a sourcing services company in China, which can help you discover reliable manufacturers in China. We offer different kinds of sourcing services, buying services, and purchasing services to help you import goods from China. For overseas company, it is high-cost and take a lot of time to discover and develop a reliable supplier in China. Our sourcing services is to save time and money for you. Send an E-mail to Centralking.com, we will work for you immediately. And you will get a quotation within 1~5 days from Centralking.

Our goal is to help overseas company import good from China. Use our sourcing services, you can save time and money on China Supplier Development, Price Negotiation, Sample Sourcing in China, Product Sourcing in China, China Sourcing Advisory, China Supplier and manufacturer Audit, China Business Guide, Business Support, Technical Support, Project Support, Project Management, Purchase Order Management, China Suppliers Management, Quality Control in China, Sample Inspection and Product Inspection, Supplier Payment Support, Delivery Support, After-Sale Service support, etc.
Manufacturers Sourcing in China.

Manufacturers in China are capable of providing any and all products. But too much false information on the B2B website and search engine makes you hard to find a reliable factory in China. You can’t judge who is the right manufacturer for you. You spend a lot of time on confirming that they are the right manufacturer which can produce your products. Centralking.com provides sourcing services to help you find reliable manufacturers in China, which can save time and money for you. We are not limited to any single industry, but we specialize on Balancing Scooters, Electronic Cigarettes, LED Toys, and electron products manufacturers sourcing in China. If you can dream it up, we can help you locate quality manufacturers that will work with you to produce products that meets all of your needs and expectations.

Centralking Sourcing Services Makes Your Outsourcing To China Easy.

Centralking.com provides outsourcing to China support services. Product outsourcing to is not without risk and should be carefully planned and monitored. Within offering total solutions for your sourcing needs in China, Centralking.com specializes in China outsourcing. Our services are focused on manufacturers research, sample and product sourcing, supplier audit, quality control and supply chain support , which are sourcing services commissioned by companies around the world. We handle all phases of the procurement process, including technical support, quality control, tooling, sample and production inspection, and shipping.

Our experience combined with local know-how and constant presence in China makes us the ideal partner for the Chinese markets. Based on your technical product specification and your target price, our specialists will get the most competitive prices from reliable suppliers or manufacturing at low-cost cities in China. We are fully committed to meet the needs of our customers in the long-term strategic goals to be implemented by means of risk minimization, significantly reducing shipping costs, accelerating the time to market which improved profit margins and shareholder returns.

Purchasing Management /Sourcing

A part or the totality of the upfront deposit can be deducted from this commission according to the total amount of your purchases.
This commission percentage is based on your total purchase amount and set according to the total amount and volume of your purchases, the complexity and the technicality of the ordered products, the quality controls to be carried out and the required services.
Business identification and verification, product research, evaluation, selection and validation of suppliers and factories, price negotiations, production monitoring, order follow-up, quality controls, product inspections, transportation and logistics handling, completion of the customs clearance procedures and container loading monitoring, are included in this end-to-end sourcing service in China. We keep you regularly informed about the production status of your order.
An upfront deposit of 443.00 euro / US$500.00 before starting our service and a 5-9 percent commission on the total amount of your purchases in China.

How to work?

First, you contact us by email sent to [email protected] specifying your requirements with the full detailed description of products, equipment and services you are looking for.

If you prefer you can communicate with us using Skype where we always have a consultant online to advise you and to answer to your questions.

Our Skype ID: Centralking China

We analyze your request. Then we return towards you to clarify together all the points necessary to be able to offer you a tailored commercial solution fitted to your needs.

Once we receive your agreement letter, we send you by email a proforma invoice that will be considered as a binding contract.
We start our services officially after the full payment of our services by bank transfer.
If you opt for an end-to-end sourcing service, we only require the payment of the upfront deposit before starting this sourcing service.
We always welcome your inquiries; we will reply within 24 hours maximum.

Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest. If you are interested in our services or just in some of our services. Or you want further information. Please provide us your information and we will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Link to contact page.

Sourcing in China

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