Business Travels Management Services in China and trade shows assistance services:

Centralking Co. Ltd organize and plan your business travels in China at very attractive prices.

Well established in the largest areas of economic activity in China, with offices in  Yiwu, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, our associated company in China and his team of experts know very well the nucleus and basis of the economic fabric of China.

Our business travel management services include:

            Research of the Chinese suppliers and factories best suited to your needs and requirements

            Taking of your business appointments with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers

            Management of your schedule in China

            Management of your itinerary in China

            Tailor-made organization and planning of your business trip

            Hotel reservations. in 3, 4 or 5 stars hotels

            Car rental  reservation

            Booking of train tickets and  domestic flights in China

            Personal welcoming service at the airport by a member of Centralking Co. Ltd.

            Professional translation services

            Well-experienced Chinese bilingual business interpreter put at your disposal

            Consulting service, assistance in your negotiations

            Accompaniment in trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions and in tours of factories.

            Warehouse service and consolidation of your purchases in the same container if possible

            In option:
            -  Customized follow up of your projects in China;
            - Follow up of contacts taken during your journey in China.
            -  Supplier audit, supplier validation and qualification;
            -  Price and contract negotiations and renegotiation;
            -  Production management;
            -  Purchase order monitoring on site,
            - Quality product inspection conducted by inspectors expert in the field (our branch Centralking Inspection arranges full-qualified and accredited inspectors for the client according to client's product classification)
            - Shipment management from the China factory to your warehouse

Our professional business interpreting and translation services are available in 11 languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Brazilian.

All our business interpreters are fluent in Chinese and in English.

We can also at your request take care of air tickets booking and buying.

Our business travel services are conceived to be fully consistent with all of your expectations and help you make a success of your business in China.

A Chinese business interpreter with international education background assists you throughout your business travel in China.

He serves you as an interpreter enabling you to overcome the language barrier and to understand well the business practices peculiar to China. He assists you in making key contacts in your business sector and therefore ensuring you that your negotiations go as smoothly as possible.

Only verified suppliers, previously audited, are presented to you in order to eliminate all potential risks and ensure the security of your procurement in China.

Thus, we will put you in position to select the best business opportunities for your company and buy or produce at the best price in China in full safety.

Regarding the numerous fairs and specialized trade shows held throughout the year at Canton (Guangzhou), Nanjing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, we offer a full spectrum of Trade Fair Services providing you a comprehensive assistance during all your stay.

Our associate company in China,  Centralking Co. Ltd. and its management team are constantly present on the Canton Fair and has been there since many years. This good knowledge of the Canton Fair allows us to serve our clients coming from around the world in their best interests and at a very reasonable cost.

A list of the trade fairs, trade shows and professional exhibitions held in China throughout the year is kept at your disposal.

By choosing to call upon our services, you minimize your investment, maximize
We always welcome your inquiries; we will reply within 24 hours maximum.

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Business Travels Management Services

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