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Why China Centralking Can Get Lower Prices From Manufacturers?

When you work with Centralking sourcing agents or hire a sourcing agent working for you, you find that they always can get a lower cost or competitive price for you. As a matter of fact, you have asked most of the suppliers via Alibaba or made-in-China but can’t find a lower price.

Here is the answer for why you can get a lower price from a China sourcing agent which nobody is willing to tell you.

1, Centralking have Different Sources.

For an overseas company, you can find China manufacturers via google, Alibaba, made in China, China yellow pages and trade shows. If a manufacturer uses those services, they need to pay a high services charge. For example, if a China company uses the services provided by Alibaba Company, they need to pay CNY29,800 (USD4,500) per year. Please note that this is the basic service charge which the manufacturer will be listed on Alibaba website, maybe it is at the last page. So, the suppliers need to buy keyword for some hot products, it will take about CNY80000+ (USD12,000) Per year. And if a supplier want to list their hot products at the first page or top-level of the website, the minimum amount of service charge is about CNY100,000 (USD15,000) per year.

Centralking can search or develop China supplier via different sources. And they also have lots of pre-qualify suppliers which are developed for other customers in the past. If the factories in supplier system cannot match your needs, they can find manufacturers for you via 1688, HC360, China baidu.com, so.com and other sources as soon as possible. If it is necessary, they will audit the suppliers for you.

2, Centralking Agents Are Good At Price Negotiation.

A good sourcing agent will handle lots of the quotations every day. The have rich experiences on cost analysis and price negotiation.

For example, a sourcing agent gets a quotation from his potential supplier, he will ask the supplier to offer those details of quotation.

3, Centralking Agents Can Get The Domestic Price For Overseas Customers.

A price for Chinese company is always lower than a price for overseas company due to they pay a lot of time and money on overseas market which has mention at the first point. Centralking sourcing agents can ask for the native price for you.

Those three points are the answers for “Why Centralking Sourcing Agents Can Get Lower Prices From Manufacturers?“. If you are importing goods from China, hiring a Centralking sourcing agent works for you can save money and time for you. You can get better prices via Centralking sourcing agents.

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