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How To Work With China Sourcing Agent?


When you decide to hire a sourcing agent to work with you for your business on Chinese market. If it is your first time outsourcing to China or the first time import goods from China. Here is a guide how to work with China sourcing agents which can help you.

1, Contact information, both sourcing agent and manufacturers.

Make something as a rule before working with a sourcing agent. Try to get the information about the agent and manufacturers as much as possible.

Sourcing agent

Get the contact information of sourcing agent and suppliers.
Confirm the reporting date for daily, weekly and monthly.
Tell them your concerned points if it is necessary.

2, Business and technology team.

In China, a technical engineer will never be involved in sourcing and market, so please make sure you can find the right people for each question.

Sourcing agent

Be sure that your engineering team can contact  manufacturer and sourcing agent’s engineering team which will help you solve problems smoothly.And if it is business issue, please contact with business team.

3, Quality Control and payment.

Reliable sourcing agents should provide quality control service to help you get good quality product from China. Their QC team inspects the products before shipping to you. And if they find quality issue, they should report to you and tell suppliers stop shipping to you untill the issue was solved. If you have a payment issue, they will help you to solve it too. This is a good and reliable sourcing agent in China.

Sourcing agent payment

4, Responsibility and After-sales Services with the sourcing agent.

Sourcing agents should not sell goods to you, their “products” are services, such as sourcing agent, supplier development, product sourcing, sample sourcing, supplier audit and production inspection, etc. So, it is their responsibility to tell you the information of suppliers and details of prices. They offer sourcing services for you , and you pay them services charge.

China Sourcing agent

A reliable purchasing agent as Centralking will always help you on after-sales services, too. They will help you to get refund or serviceable replacement from suppliers if the products have some problems or against the contract terms between you and suppliers.


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